“Giftedness is not what you do or how hard you work. It is who you are. You think differently. You experience life intensely. You care about injustice. You seek meaning. You appreciate and strive for the exquisite. You are painfully sensitive. You are extremely complex. You cherish integrity. Your truth-telling has gotten you in trouble. Should 98% of the population find you odd, seek the company of those who love you just the way you are. You are not broken. You do not need to be fixed. You are utterly fascinating. Trust yourself!”

Linda Silverman~Gifted Development Center Denver

Monday, 24 July 2017

Work Habits and Learning Skills Posters

Work Habits and Learning Skills Posters

Just a quick FREEBIE for my readers! Someone online was asking about POSTERS for the WORK HABITS AND LEARNING SKILLS outlined in the Ontario Curriculum and Growing Success documents.  I did a quick search and couldn't find anything that I liked, so I whipped these up. Another teacher thanked me, but said she likes to make her posters based on what she discusses with her class at the beginning of the year. Of course!  This IS best practice, and something that I could do easily myself as I had created the posters on my computer. I realized others teachers would NOT be able to edit and modify the ones I created, so I made another EDITABLE set.  
Grab the set you feel you can use in your classroom, and please don't forget to leave me some feedback! 

EDITABLE Work Habits and Learning Skills Posters

Saturday, 3 June 2017

Fitting it ALL in!

It's that time of year in Ontario, crunch time! If you are like me, your report cards are looming but you are still scrambling to finish up your last social studies unit, or fit in your last science topic!
I decided that using science centres at this time of year is perfect, it helps me ensure that I have addressed all of the curriculum for the grade I am teaching, and the students LOVE the active, hands-on tasks. We all know that keeping students engaged in June is paramount!

Saturday, 8 April 2017

Pop Art Easter Icons

This week I saw an adorable bunny on my feed on Facebook so I had to find out how to make my own! You can read the original post here. I showed my students the two I created and they were excited to make their own Pop Art Easter Icons.

Tuesday, 3 January 2017

New Year! New Science Centers!

I know some of you have gone back to work today...I was in school until the 23rd of December this year, so I do not return to the classroom until the 9th of January.  Right before the break I set up all the materials for my new science unit: Conservation of Energy.  

Picture of CONSERVATION OF ENERGY: Illustrated Word Wall @teachingisagift.blogspot.ca